Production of nameplates, descriptive plates, signboards, company gadgets made by anodizing, chemical engraving and temp printing. It provides services such as: laser cutting and bending of sheets and profiles, full-range machining (turning, milling and grinding), TiG, MiG, MaG welding and pressing of small elements.

Use of our products

The products will be used in manufacturing companies, offices, marketing departments and more, e.g. down:

  • product labeling (batch, application, etc.);
  • machine descriptions and diagrams (number, name, owner, application, etc.);
  • plates with numbers (e.g. stadium seats, house numbers);
  • door plates (“secretariat”, “treatment room”, etc.);
  • warning and information signs (“no packing”, “protective clothing required”, “Caution! high voltage no entry”, “no parking on private property” with the company logo);
  • EU boards (e.g. with information on funding, participation in the program, etc.);
  • descriptive boards (e.g. in places of sightseeing with descriptions, maps);
  • commemorative and occasional plaques;
  • signboards;
  • advertising gadgets (e.g. rulers, openers with the company’s logo and advertisement);
  • occasional magnets (e.g. for a gift for customers, anniversary magnets, etc.);
  • engraved photos (for a gift, as a diploma, etc.).