Production of nameplates, descriptive plates, signboards, company gadgets made by anodizing, chemical engraving and temp printing. It provides services such as: laser cutting and bending of sheets and profiles, full-range machining (turning, milling and grinding), TiG, MiG, MaG welding and pressing of small elements.

MIG/MAG welding

MIG/MAG welding techniques are usually listed together, so many people think they are the same method. In fact, there is a lot of similarity between the two, which is further enhanced by the possibility of using the same welding machine. Both operations are performed in a gas shield, with a consumable electrode and are classified as arc welding techniques.

The main difference is the type of gas used. In case of the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) method, it is an inert gas (usually argon, helium or a mixture of these gases). In contrast, in case of the MAG (Metal Active Gas) method an active gas is used in the welding process. This gas is carbon dioxide – either alone or admixed with an inert gas.